It was a fun conference and you were fabulous. I went out as soon as you started speaking. Well before your meditation bit. What a finale! Thanks for all.


Finally tried your Yoga Nidra CD!  Great for insomnia. It was like you were right there. It worked so well, I didn’t want to wake up.


WARNING: Margaret’s yoga classes are highly addictive.



Margaret:  These practices don’t just manage pain, they remove the root cause. To benefit fully, don’t sleep. Remain aware. Watch all impressions, sensations and emotions. Just follow the sound of my voice.

Elena:  I don’t fall asleep. I listen. But maybe I’m unique.

Margaret: When you do these practices, you heal. You dissolve stress and eventually come into resonance with the vibration of peace and compassion. This is your full potential. You relax into it.

Elena: Healing. You know healing is very important. That is what everyone wants.  A lot of problems and issues happen from stress so stress really is the underlying issue.  I don’t think people buy stuff to help them unwind. They might turn on a little YouTube. I don’t know what type of things people do to manage stress but for healing that’s important. I’m paying you a ton of money I wouldn’t pay for just stress release.  I started working with you because I was in pain.  Coincidentally, I also unstressed so that feels good.  But my initial reason, my main reason is that I want to be pain free. I want to be healed. That’s why I see you.

Margaret:  Do you feel that this is healing you and helping your pain?

Elena:  I mean I have not been able to find anything before you that actually worked.

Margaret:  What all did you try?

Elena:  Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, ointments and creams that my chiropractors recommended.  I worked with a local Chiropractor as well as one of my clients from Canada who is also a Chiropractic professional that has a spine center in Canada.  I have taken pain medications. I was considering surgery. I do a lot of stretches and I still do them but the first time I actually felt relief was after that very first session so…

Margaret:  You can’t argue with success.  If it works ….

Elena:  But I think that the biggest reason I work with you is healing. And my favorite thing about this is that I don’t need to do anything.  I just turn it on (your CD) or turn you on (private session) and I just lay and listen and whatever is happening in the thought process is helping. I’m assuming that’s how it works. I have no idea (much laughter) but I’m pain free.

I sit at a computer all day

I sit at a computer all day and I get tense in my neck and my shoulders because I don’t get to get up and move.  When I come to Yoga Nidra, I am really tense in the shoulders and neck all the way up into my scalp. Even my mind is tense. That’s where I hold all my tension. When I leave Margaret’s classes, I am totally relaxed. I have no tension anywhere. It’s wonderful.

I was shocked

I was shocked when Margaret’s energy work actually had an effect on my barely-there libido. A long, bad, marriage wounded it and cancer treatment pretty much finished it off. Amazingly, I had a sizzling erotic dream after only the first treatment. Margaret rocks!

Margaret has a “sixth sense”

I have had many different sessions with Margaret, from various reiki treatments to relaxation and deep breathing yoga and encourage everyone who has an opportunity to take advantage of a session with her to not miss out. The sense of inner peace that I feel when leaving a yoga or reiki session is amazing. Margaret has a “sixth sense” of being able to tune-in to your individual needs and tailors her sessions accordingly. Margaret’s profound insight coupled with her calming, soothing voice promise an unparalleled experience you won’t forget!

Bring me back to life

THANK YOU again for taking the time this morning to ‘bring me back to life.’ I really enjoy our yoga sessions and look forward to making the time to come sit on your dock and breathe new life energy back into my spirit.

Always feel completely liberated

In an energy healing session with Margaret, I always leave feeling completely liberated, balanced, and at peace. As an artist and musician, this is crucial to my career and very being so the body is fully open to the creative flow of the Divine and Inner Being. Margaret connects these two, the Divine and Inner Being, allowing me to experience full freedom of creative intelligence in love and light.

Absolutely blown away

I started practicing yoga about 10 years ago at various studios in New York City. At the time, I thought yoga would be a good way to maybe stretch a little and get into shape. I never even took into consideration what it could do for my mind. After moving to Hanover, I was asked by a couple of ladies to join them in a yoga session at Margaret’s studio. I came out of the first session absolutely blown away by our practice. Before that day, I had no idea yoga could focus my mind in such a way. Margaret’s creativity and generosity of spirit makes our practice a beautiful challenge each time we meet. After more than a year of study with her I have increased the flexibility of my body and of my mind. Each student is never pressured to push too far, but is always gently encouraged to REACH for more. Her inspired teaching style has made me more aware of my body, my mind, and of my spirit, and I continue to grow every day thanks to the gift she has given me.