Working with Margaret in yoga and meditation has helped with my fibromyalgia. I’m not in constant pain any more. I can work longer at my desk and walk more in the mall. I have had problems in my hips and my knees for years. I don’t get the numbness in my knees any more or the nagging pain in my hip.

I used to get massive pain in my knees – the the knee cap and joint. It would go numb to the point where I wouldn’t be able to walk. I no longer have that. The chronic pain I experienced in my hips as a result of an injury I sustained five years ago is gone as well.

It has been helping with my cervical lymphadenopathy. I don’t have the pain in my neck like I used to so I don’t have to take my muscle relaxers any more.

It has improved my sleep.  I am experiencing less stress. I am reaching the flexibility I would like.  

This is after 8 weeks once a week on Wednesdays for about an hour of yoga.


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