“Stress has become a national epidemic. Five of the ten leading causes of disability and premature death worldwide are psychiatric conditions. By 2030, anxiety, the next national epidemic, will have arrived.”                                                                                                                                            -The World Health Organization

With stress, anxiety and sleep dysfunction skyrocketing globally, we must re-educate the mad modern mind.

Up to 80% of all disease is cause by chronic stress. With just ten to twenty minutes of breathing exercises daily, the root cause of stress and anxiety can be dissolved and the entire system rebuilt.

Breath and consciousness flow together; they are inseparable. As such, breath is a direct reflection of the mind. When we slow the breath, we quiet the individual mind. Only when the individuated contracted egoic thinking mind is silenced, can we hear the collective, expanded, creative mind and assume the emotional aspects as well – inner peace and indescribable bliss.

Through specialized yogic breathing, one dissolves stress and increases vitality.  Body, mind and breath can then heal naturally creating wholeness in body and mind. Wholeness in body and mind brings a natural, integrated personality so the body, mind and emotions can function together in perfect harmony.

This open flow of consciousness creates greater IQ (intelligence quotient), enhanced EQ (emotional quotient) and superior SQ (spiritual quotient).

Margaret Glatfelter, who has taught specialized yogic breathing techniques for 20 years, reveals her insights into the healing power of breath. She will share simple techniques that relax deeply to unleash infinite healing, nourishment, vitality and joy.