Mantra Magic

When you need that extra boost in life, consider developing a mantra practice. Mantra is an amazing way to nourish yourself from the inside out.

Here are a few of the benefits:

Accept self and others. Clear thinking and focus. Brings correct faculty of thought patterns and behavior. Cures headache. Cures pain. Eliminates difficulties and brings success. Energy booster. Erases anger and fear. Gives direction. Brings joy. Promotes positive thought. Helps organization. Supports health. Overcomes depression and anxiety. Cultivates peace and protection from harm. Creates miracles.

An easy way to start your mantra practice is with SO HUM mantra. SO HUM is one of the greatest ancient mantras. It means I AM THAT (I am Divine). SO HUM is already in the breath.

On inhalation, the breath naturally makes the sound SO. On exhalation, the breath naturally makes the sound HUM. If you simply listen as you breath in and out, you are practicing mantra meditation.



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