Margaret:  These practices don’t just manage pain, they remove the root cause. To benefit fully, don’t sleep. Remain aware. Watch all impressions, sensations and emotions. Just follow the sound of my voice.

Elena:  I don’t fall asleep. I listen. But maybe I’m unique.

Margaret: When you do these practices, you heal. You dissolve stress and eventually come into resonance with the vibration of peace and compassion. This is your full potential. You relax into it.

Elena: Healing. You know healing is very important. That is what everyone wants.  A lot of problems and issues happen from stress so stress really is the underlying issue.  I don’t think people buy stuff to help them unwind. They might turn on a little YouTube. I don’t know what type of things people do to manage stress but for healing that’s important. I’m paying you a ton of money I wouldn’t pay for just stress release.  I started working with you because I was in pain.  Coincidentally, I also unstressed so that feels good.  But my initial reason, my main reason is that I want to be pain free. I want to be healed. That’s why I see you.

Margaret:  Do you feel that this is healing you and helping your pain?

Elena:  I mean I have not been able to find anything before you that actually worked.

Margaret:  What all did you try?

Elena:  Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, ointments and creams that my chiropractors recommended.  I worked with a local Chiropractor as well as one of my clients from Canada who is also a Chiropractic professional that has a spine center in Canada.  I have taken pain medications. I was considering surgery. I do a lot of stretches and I still do them but the first time I actually felt relief was after that very first session so…

Margaret:  You can’t argue with success.  If it works ….

Elena:  But I think that the biggest reason I work with you is healing. And my favorite thing about this is that I don’t need to do anything.  I just turn it on (your CD) or turn you on (private session) and I just lay and listen and whatever is happening in the thought process is helping. I’m assuming that’s how it works. I have no idea (much laughter) but I’m pain free.


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