Thank You

Through meditation training with Margaret, I have reduced stress and can now manage my migraines. Before I didn’t want to look ahead because I had all this misery. Now I actually look forward to life. I can’t wait to see what the next possibility is that’s coming down the road. It thrills me that something so good for you like meditation releases unknown tensions. You don’t realize all the stress and tension you were holding inside until it starts to go away. Meditation brings so much good stuff into your life and it’s not hard to learn. It’s simple compared to how much it helps you. I could get migraines daily for months. When you have a migraine, you don’t want to get up and do anything because sounds and light bother you. You become numb to migraines. You can’t imagine life without them. They were so frequent that they were just a part of my life. When I had a migraine, instead of being with family and friends, I was in a dark room alone. That’s depressing. The physicians say, “Here, take a pill for this. Take a pill for that.” I rely on them. They just don’t always point you in the right direction. Before I began meditating, I took five pills every night at bedtime: 1 muscle relaxant, 1 melatonin and 3 regular preventative meds. Now I take one pill at bedtime. I was frustrated. The doctors kept giving me meds. I would take a handful of pills just to function. They dulled the pain but the migraines never really went away. It took me a while to get to the point where I began looking for something else. People don’t search for something less invasive that actually works. They get worn down and do whatever the doctor tells them. My physician was prescribing Botox injections. This protocol would have been 30 to 40 shots per treatment around my head every three months. I was so desperate that I was considering it. If doctors would offer other options, you wouldn’t get to the point of despair. When I start getting stressed, I meditate until I am relaxed. I am less stressed at work. When I meditate, I get completely relaxed and at peace. Before I start to study, I use the alternate nostril breathing technique. It helps me retain more of what I am learning. I use the visualization technique before I go to sleep at night to relax and calm me. It has allowed me not to take as much migraine medicine. I’m more relaxed and not as stressed. Relaxation helps with the headaches. This is big stuff especially considering how much medicine I was taking as a preventative. I used to take three pills daily as a preventative measure and three more when I got a migraine (6 pills/day). Now I’m just taking one a day. If I feel a headache coming on, I take one of the three preventative meds. Meditation makes you happier. You enjoy life more. I catch myself smiling more for no reason. Results to date: Happier. More Relaxed. Less Stressed. Fewer Meds (a LOT less). Through meditation, you get rid of all this junk that caused all of your issues. You get rid of things you didn’t realize you had in there. When you’re on the path and making progress, it’s within the realm of possibilities to keep evolving. There’s no limitation. You can continue to grow and evolve in all different ways. Migraines are limiting. Meditation is limitless. Meditation affects all aspects of your life – not just one area. It’s like a snowball. You get rid of the junk so the good stuff is allowed to flourish. I use meditation at the right time. I apply it at work to avoid getting “pull out your hair crazy stressed-out.” I practice meditation at home to maintain the calm and peace that it brings. I intend to get to the point where I don’t even need medication. I will meditate until I’m peaceful all the time no matter what. Before I didn’t want to look ahead because I had all this misery. That’s all I could see in my future was more misery. Now I can’t wait to see what the next possibility is that’s coming down the road. I can see myself living life and not just hiding in a dark room because I can’t stand the sight of light.


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