Body is limber and calm

I give up overtime – double time – to come to yoga. Before studying yoga with Margaret, my body was nervous. I couldn’t concentrate. Now my body is limber and calm. My mind is relaxed. Yoga helps my performance at work which is a big plus. I’m still on the go but not as stressed as I was. I’m physically, mentally and emotionally stronger. Working with a class improves learning. It becomes more enjoyable. There’s a sense of community. I’m all about energy. When we start the practice, results are immediate. Energy circulates automatically. I always leave class feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Yoga has taught me to relax. At first, I couldn’t wait for mediation to end. Now I can sit for a long time and meditate. I enjoy the peaceful feeling that meditation brings. The stretching is wonderful. Yoga limbers everything up. I can feel a difference. Before yoga, I would follow the crowd. Now I know my truth and I walk it with confidence.


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