The Lalitha Institute

Heal  |  Transform  |  Evolve

Lalitha is your sacred space to heal, transform and evolve.  At Lalitha, we address the complete individual – body, mind and consciousness. We offer profound yet simple mind body techniques that help you heal yourself. They improve the quality of your life and lead you towards your highest potential.

At Lalitha, one learns to relax. When relaxed, one heals and becomes whole restoring peace, health and joy.

Relaxation is the master key to wholeness in body, breath and mind. When relaxed, the hands, heart and mind can then work together. This is the highest healing.

Western medicine has separated body and mind for over 500 years. These mind body practices put them back together. They are fundamental and not complementary, integrative or alternative in nature. Self care is the heart of all healing.

“We must first heal ourselves. When whole, we become fearless, natural and free.”

                                                                                                 – Margaret