Being a professional astrologer, I was in search of a guru who could connect the inner soul with the outer world. After meeting Margaret Glatfelter, my search ended.

She has all the experience and wonderful knowledge I was looking for. I must say one should try her. I am sure you will come out a better and more positive person after working with her.

Thanks for everything you do.


I had doctor appointment, just a physical. My blood pressure was really high, 170-some over 90-some.
The nurse left, wanted to take the blood  pressure again after some time.
I recalled Margaret’s meditations, calmed every part of body, and focused on my “mind’s eye”.
Everything went black and silent, I had absolute focus. I “woke up” just before nurse walked in.
She took my blood pressure again, it had gone down to normal at 120 over 80.


The Reiki II Training with Margaret was an incredible experience and journey. It was extremely informative and provided me the opportunity to have a POSITIVE life altering experience.  I wish I would have had this opportunity years ago. It was an unbelievable “happening.” Margaret is a wonderful teacher and she does a fantastic job of making one feel relaxed which allows the energy to flow throughout the entire experience.  I am very glad I did this and that Margaret was my instructor.

Also, as a former  player, Head Coach and Athletic Director, I would highly recommend these sessions to all athletic teams. They can help prevent serious injury and are great for meeting the mental and emotional challenges teams face. These sessions are positive training methods that will change the way teams will train in the future.


I used to buildings. Then one day I fell. I wasn’t supposed to wake up – but I did. And when I woke up, I had to learn how to do everything again. Walk. Talk. Eat. And my mind has been racing at 200 miles per hour ever since. During your meditation tonight was the first time my mind has been quiet in 30 years.


Margaret makes learning yoga and meditation easy. She communicates her deep understanding of the yogic sciences in a very clear and concise manner.


For years, I have had severe shoulder pain and limited range of motion from sports injuries. Depending on the movement, the pain was excruciating.  I tried everything – surgery, cortisone shots and physical therapy but the pain was never gone.

Reiki was my last resort. I was very skeptical but decided to give Reiki a try anyway.

I took a Reiki Level I Training from Margaret and have practiced Reiki self-care on my shoulder regularly ever since.

The results are amazing! My pain is pretty much gone and my flexibility has increased by 80-90%.

Before Reiki, the pain was constant. Based on a scale of 1 – 5, the pain level has gone from a solid 4 to 0 or 1/2 since my training.

Reiki has proven longer lasting and more effective than anything else. 



I used the alternate nostril breathing practice before my recital. It really cleared my mind and got rid of all my nervous tension. The negative thoughts that people were judging me went away. Then I could really focus on the music I was about to present. I had a very successful recital.


Working with Margaret in yoga and meditation has helped with my fibromyalgia. I’m not in constant pain any more. I can work longer at my desk and walk more in the mall. I have had problems in my hips and my knees for years. I don’t get the numbness in my knees any more or the nagging pain in my hip.

I used to get massive pain in my knees – the the knee cap and joint. It would go numb to the point where I wouldn’t be able to walk. I no longer have that. The chronic pain I experienced in my hips as a result of an injury I sustained five years ago is gone as well.

It has been helping with my cervical lymphadenopathy. I don’t have the pain in my neck like I used to so I don’t have to take my muscle relaxers any more.

It has improved my sleep.  I am experiencing less stress. I am reaching the flexibility I would like.  

This is after 8 weeks once a week on Wednesdays for about an hour of yoga.



‘Sofia’ is a private client.  We recently added meditation to her self care regimen.

Sofia: Your meditation CD has been a life saver for me. I used it during my big event to prevent panic attacks. Every time I felt stressed out and I couldn’t fall asleep.  Every time I was trying to meditate to a YouTube video and it wouldn’t work to relax me. Every time I tried a Yoga Nidra video on YouTube and it didn’t work I would be like, “Oh, forget it! I’m going to just turn Margaret on.”

There’s something about the voice, the pace at which you’re going, the words you’re saying. The whole experience for an entire hour is incredible. I would immediately start feeling relaxed and weightless which is where I was looking to be.

What I like about your approach is that you’re not just repeating (monotone) big toe, second toe, third toe… A lot of the Yoga Nidra videos and CD’s do that. You have a certain variety so I do not get annoyed by what I hear.  Instead I can just relax into the conversation – into the flow of what you’re saying. I loved it.

Before the big event and during the big event I used it in my hotel room.  I knew it was exactly what I needed.  I wasn’t taking any chances.  I would just turn on Margaret.

Margaret: What does a panic attack feel like?

Sofia:  I feel someone has their hands around my throat. No matter how hard I struggle, it’s impossible to escape. I can’t breathe and I feel like I’m suffocating. It goes into my stomach.  I feel it in my head.  My legs become numb. Then my heart starts jumping out of my chest.

The vertigo starts after my heart starts jumping out of my chest.  I know that’s my cue to leave the room or it will turn into vertigo. The worst thing that could happen is the vertigo in front of clients.

Margaret:  When do these attacks happen?

Sofia:  When I get annoyed with a situation or when I’m afraid.  I’ve recently developed stage fright.  My business partner has had to step in and speak for me at past events.

Margaret: What do you do when then they happen?

Sofia:  I walk.  I frantically run around the room to stop it.  Then I start crying.  Then I tap tap tap (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) just to do something. Then I take medication.

Margaret: An anti-anxiety medication?

Sofia: Yes. I worry about getting them, you know. It takes so much energy to prevent the panic attacks that I get exhausted. Thanks to your meditation, I only had one during my big event. It’s been a big life saver for me.


Thanks so much again. I feel amazing. I was very relaxed all day yesterday because of our energy healing session and fell asleep that night like a baby to your CD. I finally slept deeply for the first time in over a year.  I’m more relaxed and resilient to everything around me. I look forward to more energy healing sessions with you.