‘Sofia’ is a private client.  We recently added meditation to her self care regimen.

Sofia: Your meditation CD has been a life saver for me. I used it during my big event to prevent panic attacks. Every time I felt stressed out and I couldn’t fall asleep.  Every time I was trying to meditate to a YouTube video and it wouldn’t work to relax me. Every time I tried a Yoga Nidra video on YouTube and it didn’t work I would be like, “Oh, forget it! I’m going to just turn Margaret on.”

There’s something about the voice, the pace at which you’re going, the words you’re saying. The whole experience for an entire hour is incredible. I would immediately start feeling relaxed and weightless which is where I was looking to be.

What I like about your approach is that you’re not just repeating (monotone) big toe, second toe, third toe… A lot of the Yoga Nidra videos and CD’s do that. You have a certain variety so I do not get annoyed by what I hear.  Instead I can just relax into the conversation – into the flow of what you’re saying. I loved it.

Before the big event and during the big event I used it in my hotel room.  I knew it was exactly what I needed.  I wasn’t taking any chances.  I would just turn on Margaret.

Margaret: What does a panic attack feel like?

Sofia:  I feel someone has their hands around my throat. No matter how hard I struggle, it’s impossible to escape. I can’t breathe and I feel like I’m suffocating. It goes into my stomach.  I feel it in my head.  My legs become numb. Then my heart starts jumping out of my chest.

The vertigo starts after my heart starts jumping out of my chest.  I know that’s my cue to leave the room or it will turn into vertigo. The worst thing that could happen is the vertigo in front of clients.

Margaret:  When do these attacks happen?

Sofia:  When I get annoyed with a situation or when I’m afraid.  I’ve recently developed stage fright.  My business partner has had to step in and speak for me at past events.

Margaret: What do you do when then they happen?

Sofia:  I walk.  I frantically run around the room to stop it.  Then I start crying.  Then I tap tap tap (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) just to do something. Then I take medication.

Margaret: An anti-anxiety medication?

Sofia: Yes. I worry about getting them, you know. It takes so much energy to prevent the panic attacks that I get exhausted. Thanks to your meditation, I only had one during my big event. It’s been a big life saver for me.


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