Energy Healing for Better Health and Peace of Mind

Energy Healing, a form of traditional healing, restores balance and cultivates resilience in body, mind and emotions.  It is very relaxing and effective for self-healing, self-growth and self-development.

As humans, we are part of nature.  When in resonance with nature, we experience health. When out of resonance, health breaks down.

Stress blocks the natural flow of life energy.  Areas can be blocked sometimes for years.  In time, body, mind and emotions loose homeostasis and cannot return to balance naturally.  The stage is then set for disease.

Energy Healing restores balance by gently releasing impurities.  This restores the free flow of life energy.   One’s vast self-healing potential returns.

In an energy healing session, a seated interview is conducted to establish concerns and goals.  The client then lies comfortably clothed on a massage table in a relaxing environment.

An energetic diagnosis is performed to establish a treatment plan.  Single or combined healing modalities are then sensitively and intuitively implemented.

Healing continues for up to 36 hours.  Adequate rest, proper hydration and mineral baths are recommended for best results.


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