Margaret on Tools for Conscious Living

Would you like to live a happier, more fulfilling life?  Lalitha offers practical tools and techniques for joyous living.

The human drive for happiness is one of our most fudamental and far reaching needs.  Yet it seems that few of us have unlocked the secrets of lasting joy and inner peace –  your true nature.

To live a full and meaningful life, you must be whole – inner and outer world must harmonize.  The goal of all traditional techniques and practices Lalitha offers is to to unite these two worlds – inner (para sympathetic – repair and relaxation) and outer (sympathetic – exertion and depletion).

It is only when the entire autonomic nervous system is completely relaxed and balanced, that can we reach our full potential.  When  relaxed, we become whole.  Then the entire individual is present to succeed in life.

This state of Whole Self Integration, full potentiality,  brings happiness, the goal of all existence.  When relaxed and balanced, one becomes natural, capable of living a useful, peaceful and joyous life.

Start with the small things.  Practice regularly.  Soon you will be doing things you thought impossible.

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  1. “I love, love, love supporting conscious men and women in business. I want them to rock the world awake and become role models for the next generation of conscious capitalists.”


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