Challenge me to relax and let go

As I saw this woman walking towards me at the Theia Light Center booth for the Women’s Show, she caught my eye with her grace, beauty and flowing movements. Little did I know what effect she would have. After introductions and some conversation, I found in her a calmness that permeated my mind. As a practitioner at Theia, I am familiarizing myself with other holistic modalities offered there. I joined Margaret’s Yoga Class series. My first impression with her soon became evident. Margaret’s yoga classes challenge me to relax and let go physically and mentally. The grace and softness of her flowing movements along with a voice that would calm a lion became infectious with each passing class. She gently guides warm ups then then challenges as the class progresses. My body and mind become calm and light. This is the starting point that boosts my personal T’ai Chi Chic practice. I chuckle about the the lack of flexibility some areas in my body have. It all becomes worth it during the final portion or the class as she guides us through a Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation to relax. Margaret’s Yoga Nidra Guided Meditations are invaluable. She guides us through healing meditations for all purposes big and small. Experiencing her wisdom has effected me. I look upon her grace and poise and gather in these qualities to improve myself. Margaret’s yoga and meditation classes have become very enjoyable for me. I continue to look forward to them more and more.


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